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c.k.: for over thirty years i have developing this approach to dance. the evolution of possibilities of a person expressing herself within a group of dancing, making possible a feedback to identify, choice and decision, leading to freedom.

another aim of this dancing is to find expression without being judged from outside, dancing is without music as the feeling for rythm and music is important to get started and to find a way not to gloss over the pure effects of dancing. impulses are important elements as they cause motivation, but must be understood. the world of movements aims at balance due to the force of gravitiy.

breathing opens our minds, gives natural power as well as shows us the limits by exhaustion. amazement, curiosity and the love of adventure drives us towards the expression of individuality. so we are, and we want to find ourselves in our movements and swings of dancing.

  • individuals
    from € 80

  • new beginning level
    1x 4h/month € 100

  • training 50+
    1x 3h/month € 80

  • the weekends
    2-3x/year from € 175

  • 5days workshops
    outside in summer
    1x/year from € 220